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Contracting Our Services

When you book a project with Axis, you will receive an exact appointment time.  We know that your time is valuable, so we arrive on time.  We have developed proprietary systems for collecting information and scheduling crews to achieve this high level of service. 

The first step begins when you contact us to book your job.  We collect as much information as possible so that we can arrive prepared to complete your project.  Please plan to provide the following information:

Axis Installer Hoisting And Rigging Steel Sculpture On Scaffolding

 bd    The number of pieces you have for us to install

 bd    The dimensions of any pieces over 60” in height or width

 bd    The height at which you wish to install pieces if higher than eye-level

 bd    Any wall surfaces we will be installing on other than             sheetrock/drywall

(Examples:  plaster, concrete, brick, stacked stone,  etc.) 

 bd    Any exceptional items – those works of exceptional size, medium or             value

These plus a few additional questions will help us arrive properly equipped for your job.Your information also allows us to offer you our most accurate cost estimate and to appropriately schedule your job.

Steel Collage Sculpture Wall Installation



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